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Welcome Back June 1 2020 Newsletter


 May 28, 2020 

Dear Families of MPES: 

As we enter Stage 3 for the month of June, we have offered all families the choice to participate in part-time, in-school learning. Students in K – Grade 5 who are returning will attend two days per week on Monday and Wednesdays; students in grade 6 will attend one day per week on Wednesdays only. * Arrangements will be made to accommodate children of essential service workers. 

For the month of June the MPES team will remain intact to support our students. At various times there will be staff on site and staff working remotely. 

Remote, on-line learning will continue for those who choose to not return to the school, but its scope will be somewhat different due to the increased face-to-face learning. 

Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays will be allocated for teachers to do most of their remote learning. 

Here are some important points for your information: 

• We have established protocols regarding access to the building, safety regulations as directed by the Chief Health Officer, and strict cleaning and sanitization standards. 

• School access is permitted to SD 46 staff and select students only. 

• Students and staff who return to school will be expected to uphold the community expectations around staying home when ill or symptomatic, physically distancing whenever possible, and using good hand hygiene and cough/sneeze practices. 

• Parents are asked to do a daily health check at home to ensure that your child does not have any of the COVID-19 symptoms. ANYONE WHO HAS ANY SYMPTOMS MUST NOT COME TO SCHOOL. 

Check for the following: 

• Abnormal body temperature (> 37.5 °C) 

• Cough (dry or productive) 

• Feeling unwell/fatigue 

• Runny nose/sneezing/sore throat 

• Diarrhea 

• Vomiting 2 

• Self-isolation is necessary if anyone in the home is diagnosed with COVID-19, or who is awaiting the results of a test for COVID-19. If you have seasonal allergies, you should consult with your doctor or call 811. 

• Do not send your child to school unless … you indicated YES on the survey, or you’ve made the necessary arrangements with the Principal. It may take a few days to accommodate student changes based on our safety procedures in place. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns @ 604-883-2373. 

• Parents are asked to drop off their child between 8:45 and 8:55 am. Parents will no longer follow their children into the building. Adults other than SD 46 staff will require authorization from the principal to enter. 

• Parents will park in the usual areas but will not come on the school grounds. Staff will meet students outside at the bus drop area. 

• Pick up will be in the same location at 2:50 pm. 

• Please ensure that your child has washed their hands before you leave home. 

• Bussing arrangements will be finalized with those families who have checked YES on the survey. 

• Expectations for student behaviour will be taught and practiced (ex. COVID-19 safety 

protocols/information, moving in classrooms/hallways/outside etc.) 

Please watch the attached informational video with your child before June 1. 

• The Chief Health Officer has directed that masks are not required in the K-12 school setting and are not currently recommended for students. Some staff members may choose to wear a mask while on site. 

• Our custodian will be at school during the day to allow for thorough cleaning. Technology will not be shared between users until it has been sanitized. 

• Classrooms will be arranged to create physical distance between desks. Please understand that while students will be instructed in safe practices, it may not always be possible to ensure the 2-metre physical distancing but that is our aim. Avoiding physical contact is more of an emphasis for our younger learners. 

• Portable hand washing pumps may be used throughout the school in conjunction with our sink areas. 3 

• Water fountains have been disabled: filtered water bottle filling stations remain – your child will require a water bottle so please send one. 

• Food and drinks must not be shared. The school will not collect juice boxes for recycling, and we will not be able to collect compost. 

• Students do not need to return any of their school supplies when they arrive. 

• Do not send any other toys or play items. All materials will be provided on site. 

• Students will not use the cloakroom area. They will hang their coats on their chair backs and park their backpacks on the floor beside their desk. 

• Outdoor learning will be increased, so students should come to school dressed appropriately for the weather (ex. raingear, sunscreen, hats, extra change of clothing and footwear – No Flip flops please). 

• Classroom windows and doors will be opened for improved ventilation. 

• We are also establishing a map so that classes use designated entry/exit doors to access the building. We have ordered stickers for the floor to help guide people. 

• We will be in touch with you before June 1 to ensure that your contact information is up to date. There must be an adult available to pick up a child if they become sick, because they will need to be sent home ASAP. Please remember to call the school office @ 604-883-2373 or e-mail Ms. Rachel if your child is ill, symptomatic, or will otherwise not be coming to school. 

If your child does become ill or symptomatic while they are at school, they will be escorted to the sick room to wait for their parent/emergency contact to pick them up ASAP. 

• Staff will have kits with gloves and masks in case a child develops symptoms. 

Thank you very much for your adherence to the preceding information and policies. 

We look forward to seeing your child on June 1 / June 3 ! 

Warm Regards, 

Mr. Smith & the MPES Staff 

( School: 604-883-2373 // ) 

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